A slooow day

11 Jul 2015
A joint display of FEUP and NUWC vehicles assembled for REP-15.
The church atop Monte Guia.
Porto Pim beach from atop Guia.
Panoramic view of Capelinhos, the western tip of Faial where volcanic activity in 1957 created new land mass.
Panoramic view of Morro de Castelo Branco
Lars Semb and the NTNU team on the whale watching boat, passing our research vessel, the Gago Coutinho south of Pico.

Saturday 11th was a really slow day primarily because of unstable weather which ensured no UAVs could fly. Zé Pinto and Frédéric continued to debug issues related to Xplore 1 and 2 and spent the time to get ready for a Sunday morning test run, possibly at Feteira. Others spent the down time to deal with email, fix lapsed things and in the case of the NTNU team to go whale watching along with Maria Costa.

João and Kanna conferred on next steps especially in the context of Phase-II and Mike and Scott were busy packing up. Alex and Ivan left Horta as planned (or so we think).

In short a quiet day at the lab.